Workers Monthly, February 1926
January 21, 1924: Death of comrade V.I. Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and great teacher of the world working class.
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Runov. Young Pioneer guards of honor at a museum pavilion of the train that brought Lenin’s remains to Moscow in 1924. 4 October 1984.
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Lenin plays chess at the Villa Blaesus on Capri with fellow revolutionary exile Alexander Bogdanov while Maxim Gorky looks on. (1908)

this is awesome
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V.I. Lenin
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V.I. Lenin, founder of the Bolshevik Party and leader of Russia’s socialist revolution
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ARTISTS: A question…



OMGAmazing artist Yuko Shimizo says this on her FAQ site page and I want to know what you think… Personally, I feel like it is vastly untrue.

Too many students love Microns too much. I have nothing against Micron itself for doing quick sketches, to carry around with you when you travel / commute. I use them too. I am against those who think Micron can be a real medium. It is not.
Micron is a fake sibling of  Rapidograph, Rotring, and nib pens.   Ballpoint pens are for writing, not for drawing. Markers are toy version of watercolors. Crayons are pastels for kindergarten kids. Colored pencils are not made to color surface bigger than 1square centimeters. These mediums make you lazy as an artist.

I am slightly offended, personally, just because I do use Microns and markers. Just because they are not difficult to master (although I disagree with that concerning markers, but whatever) makes me no less of an artist. IMO being an artist is more about what you create than how you create it and what medium used has no bearing on your skill level.


Yeah, I’m kindof offended too- I mean, it’s your personal decision what mediums to use- I personally enjoy colored pencils, I have worked hard at getting good at using them.  They are a wonderful medium, and honestly they can be quite tricky to master.

And saying it makes you “lazy as an artist”- what? No, really, what? The only way you can be lazy as an artist IMHO is not striving to better your work, through practice and creating art.

I could choose to make art wit mud smeared on bed sheets if I wanted to- and I’m sure there’s someone out there who has done something like that. Just because they’re not using the same materials as you are doesn’t make it any less of art or them any less of an artist.

TL;DR: I really hate tool pretentiousness and I won’t hesitate to show it.

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